I just died from laughing too hard.

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Today is May 4th. One year ago Sayid Jarrah saved everyone. And we were weeping because Jin told Sun he wouldn’t leave her.


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they kill me. xd

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Aliena: My new palace!
Jack: Do you miss the old one?
Aliena: Oh, Lord no!… I miss my father and I miss the people I lived with. But I don’t miss the obligations or the pretensions. I certainly don’t miss my innocence or my ignorance, whatever it is you call it. I’m happy.
Jack: Well, you’ve earned it.
Aliena: Are you? Happy?
Jack: Am I happy… I think so. I think…Especially when I’m at work. When I work, I hear these voices…
Aliena: Whose? The voices of angels? Are you some kind of saint?
Jack: No, voices from the stone. When I carve it, it tells me where to cut it.
Aliena:  The stone speaks to you?
Jack: No, not the stone, but what it wants to be. So the saint or the gargoyle or the tiniest corner of the cathedral… It doesn’t even have to have a face. It can be…a line or a design or the curve of an arch. It’s not a… It’s not a voice. It’s a… It is an image, but it’s the sound of an image, so… I can’t describe it. I’m very sorry.
I just… I know when my… when my chisel hits the rock, that the rock’s in tune. It’s a song. That’s it. It’s a song of what will be.
Aliena: How very fortunate you are.

The pillars of the earth | Episode 4

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Aliena: …And this is?
Martha: That’s Jack. He doesn’t talk much, but look he made a likeness of me.
Aliena: It’s remarkable! Your brother is quite gifted.
Martha: Oh! He’s not my brother. Jack’s a bastard.
(Martha and Alfred laugh)
Aliena: He’s a gifted bastard. [and leaves]

The Pillars of the Earth | Episode One

Ah, these two…This miniseries has a great potential. I’m loving it so far!

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