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What’s wrong with you?

i hope the doctor is in the movie

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How is it that Jax became VP, since he’s so young. I know his father was a founding member but was it because he earned the votes or was he given the position because he’s so cute? I made up that last part!

Charlie: I think really, um, he’s the only guy qualified to do the job.

(Everyone laughing and oh’ing)

Theo: And the truth comes out.

Charlie: He’s the smartest. He’s the toughest.

Theo: Wow.

Katey: He is the toughest.

Theo: The smartest? Take it easy!

Charlie: The most stylish.

Kim: Wow!

Theo: Wow, anything else?

Kim: He’s the most English!

Charlie: He’s got the biggest cock!

Theo: Chicken at the house. That’s what he means.

Charlie: All the most important things. I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess realistically ‘cause, he was royalty in this club, you know. His father John Teller was the man that ultimately created the whole Sons of Anarchy that has evolved and gone all over the world. And he’s the heir apparent.

After the chat earlier I vowed to do this, so here it is. This was definitely the highlight of the chat before the premiere, which was all together an awesome chat, of course.

Transcript & gifs by moi.

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Aha, I fucking love this.

rapidash lmao!


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i love hanksy so much xd

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Grand Finale of the Day: A bootleg fireworks show goes horribly, horribly right. (sNSFW, explicit invocation.)

[@freddiw / failblog.]


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