Discussion Topic of the Day: Utah State University students Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero ask their fellow undergrads the age-old question: Can men and women just be friends?

Whatever you might think about this exercise, one thing is certain: You will have an opinion.


i still feel like i could debate this, but whatevs……

I don’t agree with this at all. I have exactly seven male-best friends and minus the two gay ones, the other five guys are pretty much my friends and we are totally feelings-free. And I mean it because we’ve talked about it. 
So yes, men and women can just be friends. The video was funny though…xd

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I didn’t watermark any of the last artwork!shit i made

Also: I saved my neighbour’s life today. fuck yeah me.

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The SoA link just died on me twice.

I guess I’ll go to sleep and watch it tomorrow morning. 

aghhhhh …fuck this!!! I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


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What National Day is on your birthday?

Mine is National Cheesecake Day!!!!!! hahaha. 

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Expect tons of SoA posts people.

I have back pain since a couple days back and since I have a laptop and no decent table in my room i can’t use my computer because it hurts.

Because of that I downloaded like a good girl all  Sons of Anarchy and spent the weekend watching.
I just finished season three. Thanks to the universe season 4 starts tomorrow.

I’m in love with this show. ( and to be honest i’m really really really in love with Jax/charlie and everything that has to do with him but i’m just keeping it cool you know)


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Rant About Kdramas

I don’t really understand why i keep on torturing myself like this. I’ve been watching kdramas for more than five years now and i don’t understand how is that still nowadays they haven’t figure out how to make good endings. They build up so many things, they try to develop so much stuff they end up fucking it up. With every single drama it happens the same, they start out great and they finish awful and boring.

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….i’m wearing a tank top. so. boobs?

I’m wearing a shirt that has TEAM CASTIEL written on it BOW DOWN BITCHES I’M GOD

I’m a Jedi

I’m a goonieeeeee!!!! fuck yeah.

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