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I became the man I was hunting. Became Sawyer.

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This just made my whole day better. 

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I’m uploading this myself because Yled is lazy today.

I was telling her that my current obsesion are those binoculars (The Observer binoculars from Fringe). And turns out the bitch has them…. so much hate xd

The photo is hers and that’s her baby Sawyer :D

yup. that’s me. Sawyer also has good taste in music, well obviously.

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Day 20 - Favorite kiss

Favorite Kisses Video Top 5;

1. Buffy & Spike - Btvs 6x07 OMWF (Starts at 7:29, also gifspam xd)

2. Kate & Sawyer - Lost 1x08 Confidence Man

3. Logan & Veronica - Veronica Mars 1x18 Weapons of Class Destruction

4. Jim & Pam - The Office 2x22 Casino Night (couldn’t find the video)

5. Chuck & Ned  - Pushing Daisies 1x03 Fun in Funeral

Best kisses. For real.

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Day 14 - Favorite male character

The top;

1. James Ford [lost]
2. Spike [btvs]
3. Malcom Reynolds [firefly]
4. Jim Halpert [the office]
5. Eric Taylor [fnl]
6. Julian Sark [alias]
7. Tobias Fünke [arrested development]
8. Logan Echolls [veronica mars]
9. Topher Brink [dollhouse]
10. Moss [the i.t. crowd]
11. Peter Bishop [fringe] 
12. Eric Northman [true blood]
13. Victor/Tony [dollhouse]
14.  Joe dubois [medium]
15. Mr G. [summer heights high]

It’s better if i don’t say much about each one of them or we will be here until next week. I’m just going to say that the whole list are my favorite characters, and that what I love the most about Spike and James it’s that they tried to fight their demons, they are so hurt by life, they’ve sacrificed so much but even when they wanted to be hated and they were on the bottom of everything…they loved and they put their past behind them and they became better men. And about Mal….well, he’s the man. just that. : )

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I can see this video 10 times in a row and still lol. My fav part: is it made of aloe juice (lol sun’s face), sayid, michael, kate!

I still know the song!!! yesss xd

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Lost 1.08 - “Confidence Man”

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no sé cuantas veces habré posteado esto xd

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